Tuesday, September 17, 2013

'Why are you here?'

This month’s inspirational classroom moment is brought to you by Teachers On Reserve and our very own substitute, Keaton Rogers:

“One of the most amazing moments in my days of substitute teaching occurred when a student abruptly asked me, in the middle of class, ‘Why are you here? Why do you do this?’

In response, I said, ‘Teaching, you mean? It’s because I like it. I like being here with you guys and trying to help you out.’

The student then added, ‘You mean, you like your job?’ Apparently, it was his understanding that adults just didn’t like their jobs, no matter what.

I said, ‘Yeah! Why else would I be here?’

That student, and much of the class, seemed shocked for a moment, and then moved by my sincerity. I saw smiles all over the room. Maybe that was a feeling they were struggling with: the feeling that adults didn’t really want to be there. The rest of that class ran smoothly and I remember that whole day went smoothly.”

Substitute teaching can be extremely challenging but even more rewarding. Actually wanting to be in the classroom, whether you're only there for a day or for a whole year, is a sure-fire way to promote positivity and focus in the classroom. If students get the sense that you don’t want to be there, then why would they? Always take the time to remember why you do it.

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