Thursday, September 5, 2013

Subs are an important part of the puzzle!

People find themselves Substitute Teaching for many different reasons. Newer teachers are seeking more classroom experience in order to become full-time teachers. Parents are returning to the workforce after volunteering at their child's school. Retired teachers want to keep their hand in the classroom without all the lesson planning and grading. A Sub could be a creative person who needs to maintain a flexible schedule but has the knack for and the love of teaching.  

Substitutes come from a myriad of backgrounds and they are a very important part of the educational process. Subbing should not be thought of as a "job of last resort" and it should never be thought of as an "easy paycheck." Subbing requires a very specific set of skills and is integral to the school environment.

Each Sub is expected to provide a seamless transition during teacher absences. Teachers really count on reliable subs, not just for the common sick day, but to keep student learning on track while they attend conferences and participate in ongoing staff development, where they learn new and innovative teaching techniques and methods.

A Sub is someone full-time teachers must trust to implement a lesson plan, keep the class engaged and learning and to update the teacher upon the teacher’s return

If it's done right, it’s as if the returning teacher never skipped a beat.

So thank you, Subs! You keep schools running like well-oiled machines!

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