Thursday, September 19, 2013

Five Tips That Save Lives at School

You never think about the runaway car that hits the student before the first bell of the accidental peanut-induced anaphylactic death until you hear about them in the news. Unfortunately, they happen with some frequency and consistency.

This is not said to be frightening, just a wake-up to the awesome responsibility we have as teachers in (and around) a classroom.  The schools in which we teach should have fairly elaborate emergency plans in case of fire, earthquake or a lockdown.  Since you are in a new school virtually every day it is important that you get the basics in each new environment.  Where are the "meeting places?" Where is the attendance book kept? Can you lock your door from the inside? Did the school give you a key? Do they have an emergency plan book and where is it?  What differentiates the fire from the lock-down bell?

Here are five tips for school emergencies:
-Make basic emergency prep routine
-Grab the Attendance Book!
-Ask your Sub Contact
-Review the Emergency Plan for your classroom
-Red Cross Free School Preparation

It is important for you to consider if you are in charge of a classroom of kids and there is a major earthquake, or other emergency - you can't go home.  You have a responsibility to stay with your class until you are dismissed by the person in charge.  That means your own home preparations need to be in order so that they can carry on without you.

It used to be a given that you were safe at school.  That was probably an illusion but certainly now it takes a vigilant staff to maintain a school environment where everyone can focus on learning.  be Safe and keep your children safe.

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