Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day

Ah, Valentines Day: the holiday of sugary treats and construction paper hearts. In the classroom, this holiday is ripe with options for topical crafts and activities. So stocking up your “Teaching Toolbox” with colorful paper, ink pads, stickers and activities is the way to go, should you need to fill time.

For substitute teachers, valentines Day can be especially tricky.  They can't assume all schools handle this holiday the same way and they must be mindful that some school do not acknowledge it at all.

Unfortunately, it is also a day that some children can end up feeling left out or excluded and so on this holiday of love, it is important to make sure everyone is treated equally and made to feel special and loved. 

Schools may have very specific rules about what types of snacks can be distributed in the classrooms and it is very important to find out if any of the students have specific food allergies. 

If your school does celebrate Valentines Day here are a couple of activities you can try:

With younger students make an easy card using colorful construction paper or car stock, markers and an ink pad.  Even the littlest ones can ink their fingers and press their fingers in a "v" shape to make a heart!

Older students might be interested in learning about the history and different versions behind Valentine's Day.  Check out the plethora of Valentine ideas, suggestions and legend history online. 

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