Monday, February 24, 2014

Get to Know your Neighbor

Substitute teachers face a variety of challenges each day.  Each job is a new and challenging environment:  Different personnel, students, physical plant, educational philosophy, discipline policy, lesson plans, safety procedures, driving directions…..Whether you are the new substitute teacher or the receiving school it is important to make connections straight away.

New subs need to make a point of introducing themselves to administration and staff right away, especially making connections with adjoining classroom teachers.  Wearing identification is reassuring to everyone on campus that this new face belongs.  Introducing yourself makes it clear that you are engaged and ready to receive relevant information as well as teach kids.  And don’t forget to smile.

The optimum situation is when school personnel are able to provide a new substitute with relevant safety/emergency plans and lesson plans.  That combination goes a long way in making a substitute feel welcome and prepared to confidently execute a successful and safe teaching day.   Establishing open lines of communication allows everyone a degree of confidence and comfort.

And whether at home or in school, in case an emergency response is needed, it is very important to know your neighbors, allies in the field, so get out there and make some friends! 

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