Friday, June 6, 2014

The Teachers On Reserve “Teachers Guide to an Awesome Summer"  

Congratulations! Getting to the last day of school is a great achievement.  Any teacher knows that the last few weeks of school are generally pretty crazy.   The minds of lots of kids are already on summer vacation, so keeping them focused on the work at hand is challenging at best.  Throw in a little summer heat, and classroom management becomes an even greater task.

Summer for teachers usually offers some much needed R & R, and an opportunity to rejuvenate both mind and body.  It’s a great time to fit in the activities you love but just don’t have time (or energy) for during the school year, or to take a workshop or class in something brand new and fun.

After you have restored your own spirit, how about turning to someone else?  Travel and volunteering are great options for summer, and there are some wonderful opportunities to accomplish both, like Cross-Cultural Solutions. There are lots of places to volunteer locally, as well, if you would rather stay close to home.

For some of you, a part time job just for the summer is a necessary option.  Tutoring and summer school are the two most obvious choices.  There are several sites which have summer postings including, craigslist and simply hired.  At Teachers On Reserve, we serve mostly preschools and special education schools through the summer.

For others, summer is a time to work on your teaching skills.  There are lots of workshops available for professional development.  Some possibilities:

And if you are a Teachers On Reserve teacher, you can revisit the STEDI program. or sign up if you've never taken it. Also, check out their Premium or Ultimate training courses.

The bottom line is the long daylight hours of summer make everything feel more leisurely and comfortable. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy, and come back to the classroom refreshed.

We'll see you in the fall.

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