Thursday, April 17, 2014

Games that Promote Learning

Who doesn’t love playing games?  And as a substitute teacher they are an invaluable learning tool when you are left sans lesson plans or there is extra time after the lessons have been completed. They have the potential to be a great addition to any lesson, lecture or test review.  Classic games like hangman, bingo and jeopardy are always a crowd favorite.  These are great because they can be modified for any subject.  Puzzles can also be a great way to learn.  You can find a great puzzle maker for crossword puzzles, printable Sudoku, and many more activities for every grade level and subject online   

You can also make use of new technology like SMARTboards. Games like Jeopardy, Hollywood Squares, Wheel of Fortune and Who Wants to be a Millionaire are great options.  Students have the ability to be interactive while using the SMARTboard.

Your goal as a substitute teacher is to keep the class engaged and learning. Playing educational games allows them to do this but also have fun and interact with their fellow classmates. Just make sure that before playing games in the classroom, the lesson plans that were left have been completed and you are clear about the school’s policy regarding games.

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