Thursday, October 3, 2013

Progressive Learning Conference!

Expand your view of education!

At the Progressive Education Conference – Play Hard: the serious work of keeping joy in learning!

The 2013 National Conference is right here in Los Angeles, October 10-12 2013!

This is a great opportunity to find out what progressive education is all about if you don’t know and to improve your practice if you already are a believer.

The speakers (Erin Gruwell, Madeline Levine, Angela Davis, Stuart Brown, Bill Ayers, Deborah Meier, Paul Cummins, etc.) and 90 workshops (conducted by teachers from across the country) will be dynamic and galvanizing, calling for a creative re-imagining of the terms and conditions under which most students are schooled in this country.  Please go to the Progressive Education Network web site for more information.

Though educators have been challenged in agreeing upon a single definition for progressive education, consensus builds around these defining principles:

Education must prepare students for active participation in a democratic society.

Education must focus on students' social, emotional, academic, cognitive and physical development.

Education must nurture and support students' natural curiosity and innate desire to learn.

Education must foster internal motivation in students.

Education must be responsive to the developmental needs of students.

Education must foster respectful relationships between teachers and students.

Education must encourage the active participation of students in their learning, which arises from previous experience.

Progressive educators must play an active role in guiding the educational vision of our society.

Check it out and let us hear all about it!

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